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a2z: The letter is 'H' for Hardworking Husband!

 Today it is going to reach 100 degrees. It's the 10th day this month that it has been above 90.

This is my husband, Ed. He works outside. He does hardscape--pretty much by himself. He likes to work alone. 
Hardworking Hero

He picks up lots of bricks and makes them into pretty things by cutting them. He's even worn off his fingerprints. Good thing I can identify him.
This is a circle pattern in front of a horse arena. The sand hasn't been put in yet. He said I had to tell you that it isn't done yet.

The horses are going to live here. Pretty nice isn't it?
And while he's been working here laying over 5,000 square feet of pavers, he's also been building these walls. There are two of them--very tall walls. He's been working 14-16 hour days. And he's not done yet.
Retaining Walls

He is my hero. He does all this while I sit in my cold house and let my fingers race over the keyboard.  

I think he's earned the title of Hardworking Husband.

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posted by Diana Lesire Brandmeyer


  1. Oh yeah. My husband works outside too--and it's so hard in this heat!! Hooray for hardworking heroes who are our husbands! =] (I always worry this time of year!!)

  2. Me too, Patty. Lots so praying on days like today.

  3. Wow! Very impressive! Yes, I'd say he is very hardworking and creative and good with his hands!

  4. A wonderful tribute to your man!
    My hero doesn't work outside, but he works looong hours and then always makes sure we have our time together.
    Yes, Peej, Hooray for hardworking heroes!

    Grat post, Diana!

  5. Hi Diana & Ed--

    You're outstanding individuals--is it a surprise you have an outstanding marriage?

    Beautiful work, Ed. I wish my house was at least a quarter size of that horse barn!



  6. Rita, sounds like your guy is pretty amazing too.

    Elaine, thanks! And I wish I had one of the bathrooms in this barn. Amazing.

    Laury, Thank you! I'll tell him you said that.

  7. Wonderful work he does, I can see. A beautiful tribute to him, Diana!

  8. Wow! You are sure blessed! :) Besides that, he's rather good-looking in a rugged way!

  9. Very nice work! Very lucky horses, too! :)

  10. Wow! Your hubby does beautiful work! Mine has spent several months "chinking" a multi-million dollar log Colorado vacation home. Our lightning and thunder season tempts me to worry about him, but I know God's got a hand on him!

  11. Thank you Joanne, Barbara and Kristie.
    I think he's amazing and handsome myself.

    Niki, I understand your fear! Praying for husbands when it comes to weather is a must.

  12. He does beautiful work! And out in the heat, too, yikes.

  13. What a lovely post. Yay for hard-working husbands! Mine is one, too. He "retired" about a year ago, but is as hard-working as ever. God bless them all!

  14. Beautiful work. No wonder you're proud of your H-usband! Guess mine qualifies for the H-ard working club as well. Guys like these have an inner strength only they can understand to be able to work in adverse conditions year round. And we benefit from that self-motivation. Great post.