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a2z: The letter 'F' is for Fudge!

 Yes, it's an empty plate. I had fudge. Great fudge made by the best fudge maker ever.

But before I took a photo I ate it. 

All of it. 

So my choices were an empty plate or a photo of my extended stomach. You should be happy. The plate won. 

Fudge is one of those memory joggers in my life. My Aunt Valerie made fudge when I was little and it was a mysterious thing. I wanted to know how she did it. Still do. 

I'd try  but it only turned out like my aunt's 50% of the time. Was it because:
the humidity was too high, 
I didn't own a candy thermometer,
or I thought water from the tap was cold enough to test for the magic threads which let you know when it was time to take the fudge off the stove?

Or was it because I was impatient? Those that know me well are now nodding their heads yes at this one. I can persevere, but it's because I have to considering how many times I jump ahead trying to finish something, only to have to start over.

I kept trying through the years, my brother and I would twirl the taffy like fudge onto a spoon to eat it. Sometimes we needed the ice pick to break off a section. We were troupers never giving up on eating it no matter how it turned out.

Then something wonderful happened. I met Janice through our church. She makes fudge. Great fudge and my most favorite kind of all: white chocolate fudge! 

So not only is 'F' for Fudge it's also for Friend, she is now my Fudge Friend. She get's this title because when I told her my sad tale of having eaten my fudge without taking a photo, she drove over to my house with this: 

 Meet my friend, Janice.
     Fudge Friend

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posted by Diana Lesire Brandmeyer


  1. Oooo-fudge! I rank that much higher than See's Candy! My dad use to make if for us when we were young, but it was not creamy. My sister in law makes the best fudge I've ever tasted! Great post. :)

  2. LOVE fudge myself. Sooooo much. (By the way, your link at Patty's blog takes you to last week's post on "e" - might want to post again with a link to your new one!)

    I would be JUST like you - NO way the fudge would last long enough to have a picture taken of it.

  3. pretty plate!
    that fudge looks a lot better though...I think I will have to make some now...haven't had some in a long time and this made me want some...thank you much...lol

    love your writings~

  4. Loove fudge! I need a fudge friend! Great post! Hugs!

  5. Thanks Barbara, Joanne, Vicky and Rita for stopping by. Diana

  6. I do NOT like your post this week.

    Well, okay, I do like it, but it gave me extra work to do. Now I have to wipe the drool off my keyboard.


    Great post!

  7. Shelly! You scared me. I though you really didn't like it. :) need a napkin?

  8. Your aunt and my mom must have had the same fudge recipe... it's something very old-fashioned, with just a few ingredients, but very, very touchy.
    When it turns out - instead of turning into concrete or staying permanently gooey - it's the richest, most intense chocolate taste ever!
    Hmm... might have to make some now!

  9. Mmmmm, I love fudge, too, though I'm partial to real chocolate, not that waxy white stuff. ;-) Hey, you should come to the FaithWriter conference! Pup always brings a bunh of kinds of homemade fudge to snack on during the breaks. See you there?? :-)

  10. oh to have a piece of fudge right about now. yumz!! fudge AND friend. Doesn't get much better than that!! =]