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a2z and the letter is 'C" for Create

 Create is the best word, besides wife and mom, in my vocabulary.
I love creating. I have an entire room --three rooms where I can create.

I have my hobby room where I quilt, make clothes, cards and sometimes scrapbook.

Sewing room
And my office, where I put letters together, to form words, sentences, paragraphs, chapters and then books! 

Writing office

And then there is the kitchen. Not all creations coming from here are good!
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posted by Diana Lesire Brandmeyer


  1. I LOVE your "C" word, create! I'm so thankful that God fills us with gifts that excites our passion. My three rooms are similar to yours. Thanks for sharing! Hugs! And thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. Create is an EXCELLENT C word!! And I love your creating spaces!! I just wanna know how you keep your kitchen that clean! Do you have kitchen elves that could teach my kitchen elves? hmmm?

    But I won't complain cuz one of my elves is in the kitchen making supper for me!! Thank goodness! ;-)

  3. Patty, it was a freak day. It's never that clean.

    Thanks Rita! I love having creative spaces.

  4. Yes! Create is an awesome word:) I'm especially fond of God's creation! So much better than the things I try to create, for sure!

  5. Awesome C word! There's a wonderful picture at Ballard Designs of a home office with the word "create" done in giant old-fashioned typewriter keys. I want to make some!
    Love your craft room! How inspiring!