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a2z and the letter is 'B" for Bucheit

 It's a2z blog challenge again. I wasn't sure what to choose for the letter B. Then I asked my husband, he said, "Buckheit, I need to go there."

Why not? Who doesn't love a farm store on Memorial Day? So off we went to Sparta, Illinois.

When you walk in you can smell the sweetness of the feed. I'm partial to Nutrena, it reminds me of when we had horses. 
You can find feed for every kind of animal at this store.

Or maybe you need work boots. They have those too.
Along with bridles.

How about a buss?

I love farm stores, they have everything from tiny bolts, bathtubs and even Mr. Bill.

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Ordinary Lives. From a 2 z 4 u & me

posted by Diana Lesire Brandmeyer


  1. What a cute post! Never heard of Bucheit, but any store that sells boots AND Mr. Bill sounds good to me! LOL

  2. Joanne, it's a fun place. Earlier in the spring they have chickens and ducks.

  3. Diana, this sounds like a fun store! Reminds me was going to a similar store with my grandfather--many years ago! Great post!

  4. We used to have a feed store near us and a western apparel store. So much fun. I have a cowboy hat I bought from the one and once I remember someone with a box of puppies inside the door of the feed store.

  5. so glad it brought back good memories, Rita.

    Oh Sparrow it's a good thing there weren't puppies when we went. I'm sure I would have brought one home.

  6. Oh, what fun! I'd never heard of Bucheit. But I love farm / feed stores. This one sounds like a great one.

  7. What a cute and unique post!

  8. When I read the title my first thought was that you were sharing a new way to say "bless you" when someone sneezes. *g*
    We don't have Bucheit stores out here, but we do have Murdochs (same idea, different name). I have to stay away when the chicks and duckling are in, or I end up with a new flock of chickens and groans from my husband.

  9. Fun! We have a similar store here in town, but I don't think they carry Mr. Bill! (Oh, noooooo!)

  10. I make an occasional trip to our local farm store with my husband and always slip away to look at the bird houses and fun things for my little corner of our small spread. I love your creativity! Great post.

  11. Mr. Bill!? The store officially rocks. I love everything stores.



  12. Oh!! You were in Sparta! Man! I coulda met you there! LoL. And I LOOOVE farm stores like that. Love them!! And I know just the scent you're talking about. =]

  13. Oh no! I haven't seen Mr. Bill in years! :) I felt like I just went shopping with you. lol Where are we going next week?

  14. OH NO! I need a C for tomorrow!