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What's Blossoming?

Spring has arrived or has it? Last weekend I mangaged to get sunburned, next weekend they say possible snow. 

It's know wonder my body and brain are confused. I am like the flowers starting to emerge and then wishing they could retreat. 

It's spring and I want to haul out my ladder and start painting or do I want to start writing on one of the 100 ideas that have blossomed in my mind this month, can't do that. I must finish the book I'm currently contracted for. A Bride's Dilemma In Friendship, Tennessee. It should be in full bloom next spring at your bookstore.

I'm at the part of the story that I love, the black moment the ending and I want to rush through it--get it on the page and be done. If I do then I can start all the other projects.

Don't you love how like spring we are? Once a project nears completion so many more bloom. For me they are usually ones that I enjoy--Paverman not so much. I'll be wanting to move furniture soon, maybe get some scaffolding so the high places needing paint can't be reached, maybe I'll tile the backsplash in the kitchen. "Oh Paverman! Where are you?"

While I'm trying to get all of those projects in full bloom I will no doubt come up with 7 more ideas on what to write next. 

I love spring.  What's your favorite season?

Posted by Diana Lesire Brandmeyer

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