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Last Minute Easter Tip for Blended Families

It's your first Easter together as a blended family and you've decided to use the baskets your kids already have.

Except your idea of an Easter basket is different than his/her's. It's a little late to run to the store and pick up new ones. So instead of using the old ones for candy use them to do the egg hunt. Grab like-sized bowls and fill for each child. No like-sized bowls in the house?

No problem. Lunch bags will work, decorate them or have the kids do it. The candy that doesn't fit in the bags can go into a big family bowl. 

This way, no one feels mistreated. Next year buy new baskets all the same to help your family feel blended, or continue with your new make-your-own-basket tradition.

Image: Grant Cochrane / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

posted by Diana Lesire Brandmeyer


  1. In my family the Easter Bunny brings the baskets and they are new and different each year. One year we used hats. That was cool. I like the lunch bag idea.



  2. Casey, you're so creative! I wouldn't have thought about using hats. Diana

  3. Great tips! I hope you had a wonderful Easter. Mine was crazy, but fun!

  4. I did have a great Easter Cacia, all of my children were home. It's a wonderful thing to have them gathered together.