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The Dawn of a Dream by Anne Shorey

 ...from the life of Diana Lesire Brandmeyer

The Dawn of a Dream by Anne Shorey

This is book 3 in the Beldon Grove Series. It’s Luellen’s story. If you’ve read the others you know about her dream of someday becoming a small town teacher. Because there were so many things children needed to be taught she didn’t want to be ‘rote and rule’ teacher. She embarks upon this journey in The Dawn of a Dream. 

Luellen must overcome ‘ defy the odds’ obstacles  which during this time period seem impossible and will have you wondering through the end if she will graduate.  Her perniciousness is to be admired and imitated in real life.

I enjoyed the descriptions of teacher training and military life during this time period.

Here’s the back cover.

Luellen O’Connell is stunned when her husband of just one month tells her he is leaving—and his reason devastates her. Deeply wounded by his betrayal, Luellen decides to follow her dream to become a teacher, a desire she had set aside when she married. But can she truly hide her past? Or will it destroy her ambitions forever?


  1. Thanks for reviewing The Dawn of a Dream, Diana! I'm glad you enjoyed it.!

  2. Thank you for the review of my book, Diana. I'm glad you liked it!