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Could Texting Abbriveations save our Print Publications?

Take out the Vowels

Belleville News Demacrat

Our local newspaper has shrunk in size and sections in the last year. I was thinking what if they used texting abbreviations to communicate to their readers? They could save costs on paper and ink!

According to Kim Hart, Washington Post Staff Writer, Monday, April 2, 2007  (may be younger now!)  children are being handed a cell phone by the age of eight. By the time they are ready to buy magazines and newspapers they'll be pros at communicating with fewer vowels and consonants. 
Imagine the newspaper returned to it's full glory days all because of technology changing our written language. Forget the existence of the kindle, nook and ipad for a minute, think about Sunday afternoons and newspapers spread across the floor, table and dad's recliner. It's a piece of Amerciana that's disappearing. With the new texting language the paper can be saved!

Don't we owe it to the birds who need their cages lined, the cats who read the paper from their litter boxes, the fireplaces that need the paper to jump start their fire?

I say embrace texting and save the print.

Of course we'll have to give up some things LIT (lost in translation). It will be difficult to read for detailed settings and  real emotions because MBS (mom behind shoulder) and LOL (laughing out loud) don't tell you how old mom is and what is making her laugh. 

Need some help in learning the new language?Here's a link to text message abbreviations.

 (your sister in Christ)

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