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Caring for a Writer

I have a dear friend who prays for me while I write my books and sometimes drops off a motivating gift like this:
Yummy Cotton Candy and It's Pink!

She is well aware of my fondness for cotton candy--okay addiction, or would be if it were easily attainable!

It even came with a handwritten note and those are not often seen these days. 
Hand written note
                It's the perfect combination, Patty, Pink and Prose!

          How do you encourage people in their chosen professions?

posted by Diana Lesire Brandmeyer


  1. Wow, what a loving gift! Someone who prays for you as you write.
    The wheels in my brain are going round and round. How can I be a blessing and support to others?
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Wow Rita! You get the prize (if I had one!) for the fastest person to leave a comment.

    I have to think as well how I can be more supportive for others. It doens't come naturally to me.

  3. What a thoughtful gift from a special friend. And since you're a cotton candy fan, Diana, I gotta know. Does pink cotton candy taste better than blue? =)

  4. Keli, the answer is sometimes yes and sometimes no. :) Sometimes the blue has the same flavoring and sometimes it's sort of has a blueberry taste to it. Pink is just the best. :)