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Top Ten Dating Profile Mistakes Men Make

So why am I looking at dating profiles when I'm happily married? Don't worry close friends-it's all good at home.

As a writer I will look everywhere for my heroes and a friend asked if I'd like to see the people on her dating profile. I didn't find any heroes.  They may be out there, but not in Podunk USA.

Top Ten Dating Profile Mistakes Men Make

1. Taking your photo in the bathroom mirror.
2. Having ex-girlfriend/wife's arm around you in photo (she's     cropped out but she's left a mark on you)*
3. Not wearing a shirt!
4. Numerous photos of your car. We don't care about your car, we  don't want to date it.
5. Showing your trophy kill--dead fish,  turkeys and deer are not relationship makers
6. Use your own words in the profile, walking on the beach in the rain is not going to work.
7. Using profile names like DONTBESCARED --that scares me.
8. Use more than five words about yourself.
9 Ranting about your political/religious beliefs is a reason to block you.
10. Use a current photo, cut your hair, try not to look like you just came out of cave, and don't say your 42 when your photo says your nowhere near that age.  

*2 please don't put your kids pictures online--makes us concerned about their safety and what kind of dad you would be

 brought to you by:
Diana Lesire Brandmeyer

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