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Finally a Bride by Vickie McDonough

 ...from the life of Diana Lesire Brandmeyer

Finally it’s here! Jack’s story is a hoot. McDonough let her grow up but she kept her rascally personality intact. 

Even jailbird Carly is back—her story though small was important to me from the other books and I’m glad to know what happens with her. 

Butch, Jack’s nemesis turns up in an unexpected way as well. 

This is the last book in the Boarding House Brides series (you don’t need the others first but you’ll be missing some good reading if you don’t get them!) and it’s sad to let the characters go.

McDonough pulls the personas of her characters through every book and page, you never wonder why did that character do that? It’s not like her or him.

The writing is fun, creative and entertaining. 
You can find out more about Vickie McDonough and her writing here. 

Back of Book:
Jacqueline "Jack" Davis is a reporter for the Lookout Ledger bent on discovering the truth and nabbing her story at any cot. When Noah Jeffers comes to Lookout as a temporary pastor, Jack suspects there may be something hidden beneath his shepherding ways. Soon, though, Jack begins to be attracted to the new pastor despite her initial hesitation. But as she uncovers the truth, will this story cost her too much? Will she reveal what she's uncovered or keep it hidden to protect new found love?

Carly Patyon returns to Lookout after years in prison, hoping to rebuild her life there. But she soon discovers that new beginnings and second chances are not always as easy to find. Garret Corbett is determined to marry--but not to a jailbird like Carly. When Carly is equally repelled by Garret's prank-playing ways, will the two see past their dislike and give each other--and love---a second look?

Watch love make a way in Lookout.

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