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Word Verification

 ...from the life of Diana Lesire Brandmeyer

  While word verification may be necessary on blogs to keep spam comments to a small amount, the process leaves me cold.

Yes, I know. I have it on my own comment form. I tried taking it off but wound up with some pretty dreadful things on my blog so it will stay.

But why does it have to be so difficult to read those verification codes? They twist the letters, make the numbers look like letters and sometimes it's blurry. I've had to enter codes on groups and blogs multiple times only to decide it wasn't worth my time to leave a positive note. 

The other concern I have is that I'm beginning to think these are real words. I typed one in my manuscript the other day. 

Does that mean my writing has now been verified?


  1. I hate them too. If they aren't twisted then the spam bots can read them and post on your blog. It sucks, but in order to keep them clean it's sort of a necessary deal. The other option is just to delete the spams as they come in.

    It'd be cool if each blog could have a code you release to readers after they've done the word verification once.

    On my iPad, the word verification tries to correct the nonsense word. Quite annoying.



  2. That's funny that it tries to correct it. My iphone does that. Crazy stuff comes up. ;)