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Kaydie by Penny Zeller

...from the life of Diana Lesire Brandmeyer
Review for Kaydie by Penny Zeller
Book Two in the Montana Skies Series
It’s 1882 in Montana and we find a pregnant, widowed Kaydie Kraemer recovering from the death of her abusive husband. She’s living with her sister McKenzie and her family.

When her sister’s hired man, Jonah Dickenson offers to be her friend she shies away afraid all men are like her deceased husband.

Lucille, an older lady turned match maker wants to find Jonah a husband.  I found her character quite entertaining.

I didn’t read book one, but it wasn’t difficult to pick up on what has happened to bring Kaydie to Montana. Just enough is hinted that you’ll want to read book one too.

It’s an enjoyable read as you turn the pages wondering if Jonah will recognize he doesn’t want to be a bachelor anymore and be able to convince Kaydie he’s worthy of his love. 

You can get it here. Christianbooks.com

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