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Another piece of change

 ...from the life of Diana Lesire Brandmeyer
 After 24 years we will no longer own a dump truck. We've gone from having 3 to none.

It's very discouraging to be a business in the state of Illinois. Three years ago we closed our doors to our physical store partly because of taxing policies including TIF and new regulations imposed by the state.  By doing that several people are now unemployed.

The last dump truck had to go. To register and license it in Illinois it cost just over $900.00 a year along with, two $30.00 state required inspections per year. Add to that the cost of fuel (Illinois has extra taxes on fuel) and it became more of a liability to own a truck than to simply sell it and rely on other means of material handling.

Driving a truck in this state is a lot  like having a huge target that local and state law enforcement likes to hit. Recently they stopped a friend of ours who owns a truck because they felt the trailer brake away cable was missing.

That sounds reasonable doesn't it? Trucks shouldn't be on the road in bad condition. They are heavy and can harm or kill quickly if the brakes aren't working.

Although the brake away cable wasn't missing it was the reason for being stopped. The officer stated there is always a safety issue that can be found once the stop is made and proceeded to write up several violations which would later cost a day of work, court time and fines.   

When local law state in the paper they will be writing more tickets, not because there are more violations, but because revenue is down it becomes just another tax rather than a concern from public safety. 

So--Goodbye truck we'll miss you. It will be harder to work but we'll manage.



  1. If it makes you feel any better (and it won't) California is terrible for owning a truck as well. My husband sold his last year. There is legislation coming that will make most "older" trucks (and my husband's was only a 1999) illegal to run in the state due to emissions. They're going to put a lot of truckers/transportation companies out of business.

  2. It makes me sad, Felicia that it is happening there as well. I'm wondering how long it will be until consumers start to realize why they are paying so much for products.