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It's Thurdsay time for show and tell

I have a friend who shares my addition. Her name is...wait that's a secret, all I can give you is her first initial, B.

Fabric coupons, sales alert in the inbox or just because we drive by, we can't turn down the call of that soft and colorful cotton. In one store the colors are lined up in rainbow order. Can you picture that? Everyone likes a rainbow don't they?

One day B. brought by a small quilt she had made. It was a sodoku puzzle solved with fabric instead of a pencil.  I wanted to make one so off we went to the fabric store. I picked out nice colors I loved and then we returned to my home. 

I picked up the pattern and my eyes glazed over, my heart began to race and sweat beaded over my brow. "I'm going to be sick."

"What's wrong?" B. asked snatching the fabric from my hand to keep it safe.

"I forgot! This is a math puzzle. I can't do these. I'll never be able to make this quilt." I collapsed into a comfortable chair...I wouldn't pick an uncomfortable one! 

B. being the most special person ever stroked the fabric in her hand and said, "I'll make it for you. But you have to quilt it."

Right then I knew we were friends for life. 

Soon, the quilt top came back to me and she had pieced it together with her excellent skills. I quilted it with less than exceptional skills using invisible thread. I know! It's not really invisible! It is however almost clear so you can't see the mistakes.

And then being me, I had to add a bit of sparkle. I love my quilt. It hangs in my creative space now. Which is another blog post because to get it to hang in there major cleaning, moving and decluttering had to occur. 

Here's the quilt. And I still can't figure out the pattern.


  1. Holy cow, I am jealous. I am always jealous when someone sews something with the fabric they had to buy. Check out this blog post to see what I mean. sewedhttp://chrisloehmer.blogspot.com/2010/09/but-its-only-cloth.html

  2. Oh, MY! this is WAY over my head. But I LOVE it!!!

    Missing you!

  3. Patti, the pattern was over my head too! :)