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Kansas Gives Back

Saturday night Ed and I had tickets gifted to us for the Kansas concert.

We weren't sure what to expect since this band has been around for quite some time. I know--cause I have too!

After their first amazing song they explained the band had teamed up with the D'Addrino Music Foundation for the Kansas Collegiate Symphony Tour to raise funds for the schools music programs. 

Using their name and talent they feel they can help other take a step forward into music careers.

We were treated to the sounds of the Truman State University Symphony. One of their musicians played a dueling violin section with the Kansas musician, Dave Ragsdale.  I could see Dave nodding encouragement to the young man as he played.

At the end of the show Kansas headed out to the lobby to sign souvenirs, 10% of the proceeds went to Truman State. 

It's admirable that a big name band would perform to raise money for these schools, many of which are in danger of losing their music programs.

What are you passion about enough to donate your time to help give back?

What do you do to help keep your passion alive through others?


  1. Oh, how WONDERFUL! I am so glad you got to experience the concert!

    Hmmm, I try to help other writers when I can and definitely love teaching writing.

    It's wonderful as well to have certain missions involvement financially and in our heart though not with actual travels.

  2. Some travel could be fun...but then again it is nice to help others from my comfy office. :)