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What's your creatve space look like?

My son, Andy let me into his studio this week. It's the first time I've had a chance to see where he creates his magic.

He is an artist. An excellent artist.

This is what his 'desk' looks like.
Look carefully at the top right hand corner. Can you see the basketball? The painting isn't done yet, but I wouldn't have guessed that. The basketball has the dimples painted on the ball. It took him a long time to get them all on there, but it gives the painting depth.

He uses the walls to clean his brushes.
I use the delete button to clear my work.
The left side of the photo has just a glimpse for you to see another painting in his architectural series that he is working on. This one overlooks Washington Ave. in St. Louis. I do not want to know how he gets up that high to get the view!

And like most creative people Andy has personality in his space.
He's aquired a chair from somewhere, he has music, microwave and a photo of his grandfather on the wall.

He's showing his dad a really good piece of wood that he's going to use for a frame.

I love his studio. I wonder if he'd let me come sit in the blue chair and write someday while he paints. Probably not. He's a bit like me--needing a space that has only me in it to write.

But I'd bet he'd let Oliver the cat, come and watch if he could.

So what makes your creative space uniquely your's?


  1. Oh, Diana, I LOVE THIS! It makes my office look...clean!!!

    I SO missed you at ACFW...and am forced how into a writer's cave. No blog visits. No coffees with friends.
    Yeah, it's dark in here.
    Hope you occasionally drop by my spot and say hi. 11/15 is a LOOOONG way off. But TWO books are DUE!!! AND NOT FINISHED (one not even close)
    Good thing the Holy Spirit's right here.

  2. I love his space too, it's dripping in creativity. Wouldn't it be fun to write words on the wall?
    I missed you too. Next year I hope!
    Caves are dark and often friendless come out when you can.
    I'll pop by your spot and say hi.
    Can't wait to read those new books so get writing!