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Review: Exposed by Ashley Weis

Exposed by Ashley Weis
Exposed is the perfect title for this book. Allyson Graham, a marriage counselor finds herself in a place she swore she’d never be—married to a man addicted to porn. Allyson’s story of how this discovery lessens her self-worth, brings doubts she’s never had and the journey she takes to live with this discovery is a must read for any woman experiencing this dangerous epidemic.

It’s not a one-sided book. Taylor Adams has fallen into the life of a porn star. Her journey echo’s Allyson’s in many ways as she too searches for her own identity and a way out of this lifestyle.

Exposed, leaves you with the realities of what ‘fantasy’ really is.

If I were a marriage counselor I would by cases of this book to give to clients experiencing this. Why? Because sometimes it’s helpful to know there are others in the same position.

Powerful book, leaving the reader with many thoughts about how even advertising has taken an evil turn and could be challenging our sons.

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