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Fall: more than one meaning

At the urging of my friends, Luanne, Terry, Brenda and Debbie I agreed to 'decorate' for fall. 

Now I used to do a lot of decorating when my sons were home, when they moved out I tossed my barely holding together decorations. Which meant I had to buy more or did I?

What you are looking at is not the first try...oh no. The first try featured dried hydrangeas from the yard. Did you know that dried hydrangeas attract kittens? They do. They crinkle like paper and they are ball shaped so they can be whacked across the room. And if those are fun what about pumpkins and gourds? If you look at the stem of the pumpkin you can see the fresh break.  

Once Oliver tired of my decor I thought I'd give it another shot. So I had to buy a few more things. He hasn't discovered the changes-yet!

To me fall is about the changing of time, the clocks are reset, the tempeture falls and the thermostat goes higher, chili and cornbread hit the table and wood is stacked by the door.

So when my friend in Florida posted on her facebook status she was getting her first cucumbers and tomatoes, I was a bit shocked. 

I know the world doesn't revolve around my life, but I forget that sometimes and have to be knocked out of my spot like the hydrangeas. What I love about fall where I live isn't the same as my friend in Florida. Something to think about.

What is fall like where you live?
If it is different than mine how do you decorate?


  1. My fall is pretty much like yours - though probably shorter and earlier. The leaves are really coming down here now. I love to decorate, too. I have them all set out, I just have to put them up. I even bought orange lights for my front porch. They are so pretty. I grew pumpkins for the first time this year - what fun. So now you motivated me. I'm going to decorate this weekend.

  2. Ah Liz, so sad the leaves are coming down so fast where you are. How fun growing pumpkins. I might try that next year. And oh my gosh I motivated you to decorate. That's funny!

  3. Bout like it is your way, except a bit cooler!

    Hey, I miss talking to you.
    Lord willing, will be in St. Louis soon.

  4. I expect fall will hit a little earlier where you are Patti.
    Sadly I will not be in St. Louis when you come for the book signing.