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Breath of Soul-CD giveaway!

                                    Jesse Upah, David Kempton, Jake Black & Tony Marx
Is is possible for four men to make music without instruments? Yes! Breath of Soul is an a capella vocal band, using only their voices which blend and harmonize in a mesmerizing way.
If you ask the band they will tell you singing a cappella music is a dream come true.
Why a cappella? In a world where life can be so hectic and nonstop, it’s important to find something to calm the storm. We find that calm in our love for music. To have the opportunity to do what we love with such close friends is simply the icing on the cake. With a wide array of influences we are working on developing a new style of a cappella music using the exciting possibilities of the human voice. In addition to showcasing some true a cappella harmonies, we use a broad range of instrumental and percussive sounds to mirror that of a true “band.” You're based in Nashville, TN. How were you effected by the flood? -Our vocal percussionist Jake was the only one of us directly effected by the flood. He had some damage to his apartment at the time but made it out just fine. Although the rest of us didn't have any damage to our apartments, we all new people who were unfortunately effected on a deeper level. Luckily Nashville has so many wonderful people in it that care enough to help out and help rebuild rather quickly. On your website I noticed you all have nicknames, where did they come from? -A lot of those nicknames were given to us when we were still little kids and they just stuck. How did you meet? -Three of us, David, Tony, and Jesse met in college and have been singing together for almost 5 years now. We were lucky enough to recently meet Jake within the last couple months down here in Nashville. Although he has just recently joined the group, he fits in like he's been with us all along. What made you decide to form an a cappella band? Was it because instruments were too costly? -We all went to school for some form of music and through our experiences there we found our real passion; singing. We immediately fell in love with the vocal arts and thought it would be a fun and exciting challenge to try and make a successful career out of a cappella music. We all dabble in instruments as well. All four of us play the piano and Jake and David also enjoy playing the guitar. Do your tour small venues like churches? -We cover all bases! We perform at churches, high schools, colleges, and wherever anyone else would welcome us with open arms! Are you able to focus only on your music or like many creative people still have to work another job? If yes, what are you all doing to make extra money? -We are all currently working other jobs to make sure we have enough money to survive during this tough economic time. Jesse, Tony, and David all work at BMI (Broadcast Music Inc.) on music row in downtown Nashville in the licensing dept. David also works at the Nashville airport. Jake is working at a Subway in the Vanderbilt Hospital. We are all very busy but nothing gets in the way of us making our music. Favorite food on the road? -Out favorite food on the road would have to be the cheapest kind!
Final words? Because of loved ones we are allowed the opportunity to pursue our passion. Without the support of our friends and families, we would not be where we are today. Their constant love and faith has shown us how to maximize life’s gifts. Additionally, nothing is possible without God. The Lord works in such great and mysterious ways and we are so grateful to be part of His plan! Thank you for answering my questions! 
I so wanted to post their music for you to hear, however I couldn't figure out how do to it on blogger. So please go to the link above and listen or watch the video about the band. The amazing thing is these young men are giving away 1 CD! You can get three chances to enter Here are the rules: Leave a comment with your email address below. If there isn't an email address your entry doesn't count. Follow Breath of Soul on Facebook Tweet this post. Drawing Ends at 12:00 a.m September 9, 2010 And the winner is Kathryn Page Davis, number picked by random number generator. Congratulations!  


  1. I'd love to win a CD! Liz@liztolsma.com

  2. You KNOW how I love music.
    PLUS my daughter and s-i-l musicians now live in Nashville!

    Will hafta tell 'em about this group.

    Blessings, Diana!

  3. Watched the YouTube video. Very cool! jennifer (at) jennifertiszai (dot) com.

  4. My daughter loves acapella groups. This CD would make a nice Christmas present.


  5. They sound great! I work at a library and we have summer concerts outside. I'll tell the concert programmer about them.

  6. We love a capella music. patterly at gmail.com

  7. I love listening to A Cappella music! Thank you for the opportunity to win a CD!


  8. Anonymous6:24 PM

    I have the Christmas CD "Blue Christmas". I enjoyed it immensely.Great Talent.