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The Shower is over

I helped my daughter-in-law, Sara host a shower for my daughter-in-law- to-be, Bianna this weekend. Since I only have sons this was a huge pleasure!

We picked a theme which we had to eliminate because we couldn't find games to go with the movie, The Princess Bride. We'd already picked up several princess items and decided we'd just continue with pink and princess!

Thankfully, Sara volunteered to host the shower at her house because parking at mine means pulling into the side yard!

We tried to get Ben and Josh, the groom-to-be to help, they said, "No."

A last minute call to Ed for balloons to mark the house. He didn't hesitate to go for them. We're not sure of his knot tying skills though since by the end of the shower they were gone. Or did some one take them?

Even the water bottles were treated to an upgrade.

Except for some last minute cookies just in case there wasn't enough food everything was gluten free!
Sara made almond cheese cake and I twisted the Martha Stewart Boston Cream Cupcke and made them raspberry cream cupcakes using Mixes from the Heartland's raspberry pound cake. Yummy!
I also made their strawberry dip. Oh my so good!

They recieved a lot of nice gifts from family and friends. The quilt I made for them. Sara made the banner behind them with her cricket. It says Bride to Be!

Welcome to our family Brianna almost Lesire!


  1. OOOH, it looks SO FUN!
    Praise God you made it there safely and even got some of your own goodies!!

    Love you,

  2. It was fun, Patti and this shower was only five minutes away. The other shower was in Chicago two weeks ago. LONG DAY ten hours of driving there and back.

  3. How beautiful! It looks like it was a very special day.

  4. Thanks Liz, it was nice.