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Mama Mia! Italian food and Lou Brock

Yesterday evening Ed and I were trying to decide what to do about dinner. Eating out is something he loves to do and with my gluten issues it's not as easy to find an off the wall place to try. Funny how that works, our boys are men, no longer living with us and we are free to eat somewhere that doesn't serve food from behind a counter or through a window. AND  now it's a challenge to find a place where I can eat.

Last night after hearing about Maggiano's Restaurant from others on my gluten free list I wanted to try it. The word on the loop was great food and they serve WARM GLUTEN FREE ROLLS! Now that is exciting. Ed liked the idea because they serve lasagna--one of his favorite foods. 

We didn't make reservations--mistake.

We sat at small table waiting for our pager to vibrate. We were told 20-30 minutes wait time. Those minutes went by so slowly we were starving. Ed checked to see where we were on the list. "Only two more in front of us!"

We sat some more, two couples went in, then a family of 4, then a group of 10, then two more, two more and soon an hour had passed.

Ed went back to the host. Turns out we were paged, except our pager didn't work!

Here's where the mistake got good.

We were ushered immediately to the best table in the house. The one where Lou Brock sits when he comes there do dine. There was a chandelier over the table. And while we couldn't figure it out, we're pretty sure there was someone famous sitting in the booth across from us. I wanted to snap a photo and see if any one could figure out who it was, instead I let him enjoy his dinner with his daughter.

Okay, back to the food. Excellent! Even better they gave us an extra serving to take home with us. I also caved and had their brownie. Yummy. Go there if you can. They have several locations in the country.

Sorry no photos of this amazing place, I didn't want people to wonder why a person siting at Lou Brock's table would be taking photos of their food. It was more fun letting others wonder if they'd seen us somewhere before.


  1. You KNOW I'm a foodie and LOVE hearing about things like this.

    Now, brushes with the famous isn't an area I'm so familiar with!!

    It's embarrassing when I read on blogs about seeing so-and-so and I don't know who they're talking about.

    Clueless in Normal...

  2. LOL Since I've been an adult I haven't 'met' any famous Hollywood people. I met Bob Denver once where my mom worked...silence...Gilligan?