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I opened the front door last week and this little bit was sitting on my porch. He looked to be about 6, maybe 7 weeks old. He was weak, and his eyes were a muddy brown.

I already have a cat, named Wendell. He arrived the same way this little guy did. Someone dumped him  out in our yard and left him.

Did Ollie come from the same place Wendell did four years ago? Who knows?

What I do know is:  if you have an animal please get it nurtured or spayed. Please don't count on others taking in the animals you can't afford to feed and take to the vet. If you have a friend or a parent who needs help getting their animal fixed, please help them monetarily. We found a place several towns north of here, it will be a pain to drive the distance, but the cost is much cheaper. You just have to call places, start with the no-kill shelters and they'll be happy to tell you where to take your animals.

I really wanted to get a puppy. I've been working on my husband for a year on that issue. I was so close to getting one, then this kitty came to our house. We can't afford three animals.

We did take Ollie to a no-kill shelter, turns out they were having a 2 for 1 sale because there are so many kittens and no available homes. They did say they would take little Ollie, however we couldn't leave him, not with the thought no one would adopt him.

So now Wendell has a playmate--can't say he is enjoying the new kitty, but we are!


  1. Ollie and Wendell. Now you need a third: Holmes. :)

    What a cutie! Wendell will get over it. Cats do, but they like to be in a snit for a good long while.

  2. That's what Ed said. I'm just glad he didn't name my kids!