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Review: A Hopeful Heart by Kim Bogel Sawyer

Unexpected treat!
A Hopeful Heart is a fresh twist on the prairie brides theme. This time brides have to go to school and learn how to be a rancher's wife before they can even court. This fun read has a bit of suspense and comedy mixed throughout. The characters spring off the page with life.

Here's the blurb.
Dowryless and desperate, Tressa Neill applies to the inaugural class of Wyatt Herdsman School in Barnett, Kansas. The school's one-of-a-kind program teaches young women from the East the skills needed to become a rancher--or the wife of one. But will Tressa have what it takes to survive Hattie Wyatt's hands-on-instruction in skills such as milking a cow, branding a calf, and cooking up a mess of grub for hungry ranch hands?

Abel Samms wants nothing to do with the passel of potential brides his neighbor brought to town. He was smitten with an eastern girl once--and he got his heart broken. But there's something about quiet Tressa and her bumbling ways that makes him take notice. When trouble strikes, will Able risk his life--and his heart--to help this eastern girl?

This book was provided to me free for review by Bethany House... I don't review a book unless I like it and would buy it.

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