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Paint Magic

Odd, but I can't use my hand on the computer mouse without it going numb (it is getting better), but I have been able to use a paint brush. Yes! I love to paint.

I'm sure when my husband built the house the robin's egg blue counters were just perfect. I've been trying for 20 years to decorate around those things. I love blue, it's one of my favorite colors. This color though is not meant to live on something so permanent.
It's hard to tell in the photo but it really is BLUE!  I added a color swatch of what it really looked like to the photo. The counter in our bathroom and in the little dressing area next to it were this color. Until...
my husband went to work out of town for a few weeks. He really shouldn't leave me alone...he knows I like to paint.

I decided since Ed wasn't home I would be the only one whose routine was disturbed so off I went to my Ace store, paint chips in hand. After many coats of paint I love the results. I even painted the bathroom vanity. Then I switched out the 'country' feel lamp glass for a more modern one. You have to look in the mirror to see it. I couldn't replace the light. I don't play with electricity. That's Ed's job.

While it isn't a major remodel it was doable on my budget. Including new towels, wall paint and new shower curtain and pretty curtain hangers the cost was around $70.00. Feeling good about life first thing in the morning was worth the work and money.
Here's the after photos.

Now I need to search my fabric stash for material to make a new curtain for the dressing area. I forgot to mention I removed the wallpaper border that matched the curtain.

Ed's reaction when he came home? "Nice."


  1. I think it looks terrific.

    Also, I meant to mention this earlier, but I do much better with the trackpad than the mouse. So maybe use your Netbook instead of desktop?

  2. Anonymous5:26 PM

    Very pretty! I used to love blue, then I made a huge mistake and decorated our first brand new house in blue-blue carpets, counter tops, blue and white vinyl flooring. End result is, I now can't stand to have blue in a house! So sad.

    I have to say though, that Robin's Egg blue is one of my favorite blues. I just MIGHT be able to live with that color.

    Good job on your decorating!

  3. I agree - it's nice! So now, you're going to come and paint my house, right?

  4. Now you are a gutsy lady!

    While I was in China my boys "redid" my office. They really just added some shelves, moved things around, and ordered a new table.

    Oh, they also called in a carpet cleaner!
    Everything was so spiffy when I came home!

    Like that color paint!