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Backward Seasons?

I live in the mid-west and June is one of my favorite months. It's warm enough to sit  on my porch, read a book and drink iced tea.

This year, June has been more like August, hot, heavy, humid air that goes into your lungs like chunky soup. Going outside meant hair that twists and turns in multiple directions, sweat sliding into your eyes on the walk back from the mailbox and even the cat preferred the air-conditioning vent to his favorite slab of sunny concrete.

In May, I had one of my 'want to sew' days. My daughter-in-law had scored a bargain on a few outdoor pillows and gave them to me. They didn't work well with the cushions on the swing. So I headed off to look for a good deal on fabric and found one at Garden Ridge. 4 yards for $3!

Inspired by a Ballard Designs catalog, borrowed from my daughter-in-law, I wanted to create something that was simple and yet unique to us. And I didn't want to take forever to do it because I knew June was coming! I wanted to be on that swing enjoying the weather. So I decided on a simple 'B' to adorn the pillows.

This week it is of course the end of June and for some reason the weather feels like the beginning of summer. It's as if August switched places and instead of hot weather building it's getting cooler. So out came the cushions, the book, the iced tea and the cat!

Who knows next week it may feel like December so I think I'll enjoy the the weather we have today.


  1. Good deals all the way around. I love how the pillows look--just like something out of Ballard Design!

    Enjoy your porch!

  2. Backwards in California as well, Diana. It's just a strange year. We had two or three 100+ days and now it's supposed to get into the high 80's for a week. That just doesn't happen here. Love the pillows, by the way.


  3. A porch swing, a good book, a glass of iced tea - my idea of a perfect day!