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Hurricanes in Paradise by Denise Hildreth

A title with the word hurricane in it should be a HUGE clue about what is going to happen in this book.
There is a a real hurricane, but the true storm comes when four women from an unlikely friendship.

This is a a great example of women's fiction done well. Hildreth has yet to disappoint me with one of her stories.
She lays down a complex web of layers for all of her characters and yet the book is easy to read. By the end of the book I wanted to gather my own friends together for an evening out to embrace the special thing called, 'friendship of women' there is nothing like it. All women need special friends to get them through the good and the bad times.

What I like about Hildreth's books is she doens't pull her punches. If something bad is going to happen, should happen to her characters she lets it occur making her writing real.

Tyndale provided this copy to me for review, but as I've said before if I don't like it I don't review it. As mama said, "Don't say something unless you can say something nice."

here's the blurb from the back of the book:

From the moment Riley Sinclair stepped into Paradise island, Bahamas, and into her new job as director of guest relations at a posh resort, she felt the final pieces of her once-broken life finally coming together. But the waters become choppy when Riley discovers that some who come to the Atlantis Hotel show up with more than just suitcase and suntan lotion in tow--they're accompanied by their lurking demons, paralyzing secretes, and overwhelming fears. Riley and three women guests are in desperate but unknowing need of each other, eventually forging unlikely yet powerful friendships. With a hurricane headed straight for the island, together they embark on a journey of laughter and lunacy, heartache and healing.

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