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The Art of Practice

"You play the way you practice."
Pop Warner (1871-1954)
   American football coach (Born Glenn Scobey Warner)  

painted by Andrew Brandmeyer
My son won second place in the art show this weekend. I'm proud of what he can do with paint, but there is so much more about him that makes me feel that way.

Andy has taught me that sticking to something you love and practicing it over and over again will bring you results. Big results. When he was small it was soccer and hours of practice in the backyard, then gymnastics--my house is still recovering, followed by guitar. He put several bands together and wrote music that made it on to cds that were sold in the bookstore. Then he found his true love, art. 

Soon he'll be teaching a class this summer at the university. I wish I could take it. I asked him at the art show what made a certain piece art versus something anyone could do. He took the time to explain the different aspects and what to look for, color theory, marks made by the brushes, the amount of paint used are just a few of the things that make something worth the money. Then he said, "Then it comes down to if you like it enough to buy it." 

I tend to give up and try something new, not Andy. Once he decides to do something he throws himself into the learning process and he doesn't come up for air until he's mastered it.

I'm learning to follow his example and last year I did nothing but learn about writing and it helped. My writing has improved, though not my spelling! 

I love that I learn from my kids. What have you learned from your's if you have some?

* more about the painting. It's mixed media, painted on hinged hollow core doors and it's about 4 x 6 foot!


  1. Wonderful piece Diana. I love his style.


  2. Oh that's gorgeous!

    I love that our kids can teach us stuff too. Um, beyond how not to lose our patience!

  3. Thanks Casey, he does amazing work...LOL it's for sale $$$

    Jen, oh I didn't say anything about patience! My boys came close to breaking me permanently. :)

  4. Oh, Diana, I LOVE his art. Of course, being a former Humanities instructor, this is right up my alley. Do you know I post Art Bites on Facebook??

    Tell your son congrats.

  5. I love this blog and miss you TODAY!!!