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My gift!

My son, the artist painted this! I love still life. I can stare at this for hours. (yes, it is crooked on my wall. I have to fix that!) I love the simple and yet complexity of this painting. Right now I see the representation of my old life (the brown square,) old dirty bottles now standing in white on white --translation (for me-not the artist) is being clothed in new clothing and standing in the presence of God and Jesus, leaving the old stuff behind and becoming new. 

That probably sounds a bit disjointed, but it's early in the morning and nothing comes out of mind quite right until noon. 

Thank you Andy, I love my gift.


  1. Your son did a wonderful job. That is beautiful. You really are so fortunate.

  2. Thank you Vicky, he does amazing work.
    I'm fortunate to have wonderful children each with very different gifts. :)

  3. I could stare at it all day long, too. It's just beautiful! Lucky you!

  4. Oh, MY!! I LOVE this.
    One blessed gift is a painting my daughter gave me last year. I actually will get it back from the framer Friday!
    It too is a still life!!


  5. I love this painting, it's wonderful!