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Mixes from the Heartland give-away & gardening

This was my birthday surprise from my husband. He took the day off from doing what he does, to make this--not much of a day off for him since he builds walls and patios! I'm excited to grow fresh herbs and peppers. I have lots planted in there, of course it's too soon to see the tiny plants. I was eager to fill the bed with plants, but my friend encouraged me to wait because the bed will be too crowded if I add more. Doesn't look crowded to me yet, but she does garden and knows her seeds from weeds so I'll listen.

While I'm waiting for my yummy veggies to grow I'll be preparing some things from Mixes from the Heartland.  They are a gluten-free company and that's all they do, so no cross-contamination!
Recently Terri, sent me some packages of her wonderful food to try. 

Everything I have made has exceed my expectations! The impossible coconut pie, the Mexican bake, the soups, the fruit dips are all delectable. And these mixes make a lot, more than enough to feed a family of 4 or even 5. The food is so good even my non-gf husband will eat them.

Now here's the fun thing! Terri from Mixes from the Heartland is offering a chance to one person to win a bountiful box of 6 products. 

Please leave a comment on my blog or facebook note after visiting Mixes from the Heartland and tell me what you think you'd like to try from Mixes from the Heartland. 
*Please make sure you leave me your email address with your comment so I can contact you if you're a winner!

And if you don't want to wait to see if you've won, she's offering a 10% off coupon code!  Use this code until May 30, GFMFTH

DRAWING ENDS MAY 2, 2010 AT MIDNIGHT CST! The winner is Jamie! Congratulations!


  1. I came for the gluten free special but left thinking you and I need to be better friends! I have jobs galore for your husband and need art so bad, I think I can hire your son full time! :) But even if I can't have any of that, we NEED to have a glass (bottle) of wine and a good game of scrabble at least.


  2. Oh, I CANNOT WAIT to try the coconut pie! LOVE pies but rarely make them.

    So excited for your gift of a garden. What a cool hubby you have!

  3. Anonymous5:05 PM

    I like the many products from Heartland. Would like to try thew Sweet Potato Brownie Mix. Sounds delicious!
    Mary Ann

  4. Erica Gilbert5:10 PM

    I would honestly love to try any of the mixes and/or meals, especially the sweet potato ones and the mexican ones. When my daughter and I were diagnosed with Celiac over a year ago, I spent a lot of time in the kitchen making different things from scratch and trying to come up with recipes that worked gluten free. One of my favorite things to do has been to cook and I gave my best shot at baking. However, recently I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I have a lot of pain and cannot always do as much in the kitchen after my most recent relapse. These mixes sound like they would be a blessing for me as they would cut down the amount of time I would need to spend in the kitchen and yet I could put some yummy things on my dinner table. I would love to win the samples as we've wasted so much money in the past year on bad gluten free mixes. I am really loving the variety of mixes Heartland makes. My email is erica_gilbert1980@yahoo.com

  5. I would love to try the pie crust mixes, because my husband and kids love pie! It's a very special dish we enjoy so rarely since we haven't yet found a gluten free mix we've been able to make work.

  6. Oops! I was excited about pie. My email is cleochatra@gmail.com

  7. I'm dying to try Teri's Stuffing mix...nothing bums mw out more than to think about having Thanksgiving Dinner sans STUFFING! How tragic that would be. lol I'm also rather intrigued by the Texas Style Potatoes as my fiance is from Houston...so anything "Texan" is alright in his book...gluten or no gluten! reverey@aol.com

  8. Love your raised bed! It's beautiful without anything in it at all. Tell Ed he did good. :)

    I couldn't believe how many gf things there were at Heartland's site. Coconut pie and chicken soup looked particularly yummy. While we don't eat gf necessarily, we are trying to limit it, and we're really trying to find mixes that don't have a ton of chemicals and preservatives in them. Heartland looks like it's going to be one of my sources.

  9. These look great! And reasonably priced as well! I would like to try Gluten Free Garlic Roasted Pepper Biscuit Mix, Gluten Free Garlic Roasted Pepper Bread Mix, and the Cranberry Bread. YUM..

  10. oop, forgot the email too!

  11. Love the wall!!!! I just built 3 large beds but they are out of other means so nothing as beautiful. Thank you for hosting this give away as I would love to try all of the mixes.

  12. ddspurlin7:11 PM

    I am here for the drawing. I haven't heard of the products before. We try new stuff whe we can. I would like to try the noodle mixes, biscuits and dumplings. ddspurlin@hotmail.com

  13. Anonymous10:42 AM

    would love to try the apple/cinnamon muffin mix :)

    a fabulous giveaway...

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com