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What can you do with a can?

What can you do with one can?

A lot if you're part of Canstruction 2010. Canned food was collected in the St. Louis area by a local charity. The cans were then given to local teams of engineers, architects and students. 

These groups took the cans and made models of St. Louis attractions. After the exhibit the cans will be given to a local food bank.

Above: Bevo Mill
Is an area landmark since 1917 (located at the intersection of Morganford and Gravois) named after the mill where they used to make 'near beer.' It was restaurant. I think it is closed now, I'm not sure.

This one is a bit out of focus. I took it with my phone so I'm sure I moved. It's Clydesdale, famous here because of the brewery.

Visitors are encouraged to bring a can to vote for their favorite canstruction.

It all starts with one can just like a story starts with one word.


  1. Awesome structures/sculptures. Makes me want to raid the pantry.



  2. Soooo cool! We used to build "sculptures" in our dorm rooms outta old Diet Dr. Pepper cans, the blue ones. Does that count as art???!!!

    Love your place!