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I came home from my last trip to Chicago with a print that I loved. It was a huge yellow flower. I didn't realize it was printed on paper. By the time I got it home it had several holes poked in it. So now what? I tried to tape it and used a watercolor pen to make it look better. Didn't work.

The print was stapled to a nice frame and I had an 'aha moment.'

I ripped off the print.
And found this great base. But now what? I'm not an artist, that would be my son. He's busy though and I knew he wouldn't have time to paint me a nice flower, besides flowers aren't really his thing, he likes to use mixed media.

I thought about using scrapbook paper but since this is going in my bathroom and I take super hot showers I had a feeling the steam would melt the paper.

I thought about spray painting it and just hanging it on the wall as is, and maybe sticking something else in the middle of the frame.

Then I remembered this floral fabric  had bought from fabric.com! It's a fun fabric and I thought I'd make a dress. Sometimes the fabric you see on the internet isn't quite what you pictured when it arrives especially if you are math challenged. The dimensions of the print were given but I didn't realize how big the flowers really were! The fabric has been sitting on my stash shelf for about a year.

I pulled it off the shelf and auditioned it around the frame. It looked good. So out came my staple gun--that took me awhile to find. I haven't been in my creative room since November because I've been working only on my new book and nothing else.

I stretched the fabric around the frame and stapled it on. I like it better than the original print I purchased. I'm pretty sure it won't melt in the steamy bathroom. Check out more creative spaces at KOOTOYOO


  1. Well now, that's pretty nifty. That fabric really does work well as artwork!

  2. It looks great, I love the fabric. What a great way to make use of that frame.

  3. Oh, myyyyyy! That is AMAZING!!!
    I don't have one-fiftieth of your creative talents.

    Sigh. But my daughter does! And she actually painted a work that looks similar to yours!


  4. Anonymous2:12 PM

    That looks beautiful, you are very creative. I like creativity.
    Thank-you for entering my giveaway.
    I am following your blog now too.
    I love your blog, it looks great.
    I am going to add you to my blog roll.
    God Bless You,