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For years...I prayed,

Please God give me a sister!

He didn't. 

At least not a biological sister. 

Recently I reconnected with wonderful friends from elementary school. We found each other on facebook.  Our email conversations keep our inbox full as we discover all the things we've missed in the last few decades. 

Why now? Why haven't we kept in touch all these years? We don't really know. For me, my dad left my sophomore year and I disassociated with almost everyone. I wished I had a sister to share with. I remember that. 

My eyes were open, but I might as well had been blind. Luanne, Brenda, Terry and Debbie were there all along if I had only reached out. Not bio sisters, but sisters given to me by God. I'm so glad to have found them again.

As I think about it the amount of sisters I have numbers so many I couldn't possibly buy them all birthday gifts! 

As I look through my large sister family I realize each one of these precious people have the ability to help me in many different ways through this life. 

I have my writing sisters, prayer sisters, I need cheering up sisters, help me shop sisters, how do I save money sisters, remember when sisters, and more. 

I'd love to name each one of them but this blog post would never end. 

Do you have a sister? OR do you have God Sisters? What makes them special?


  1. Diana, LOVE this post. Oooh, just like you, I never had a biological sister. Sigh. Well, I did, but they passed at birth.

    God has gifted me writing sisters, soul sisters, sisters in Christ, and I rejoice at the gift of each one!!!

    A blog sister,

  2. Thanks Patti and now I have a blog sister! Yay!
    I'm sorry you lost your sister.
    hugs, Diana

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