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Thanks Heartsong Readers

I am so thankful to the Heartsong Presents Christian Romance Bookclub. I don't accept compliments, congratulations or accolades easily. I feel I haven't earned them. My writing journey is no exception. For everything I have had published I can give you a reason--I knew someone, the magazine had to have a filler, my ebook publishers were exploring the world of Christian Fiction and took a chance...the list goes on.

Then last week I opened an email from my agent congratulating me. Why? I didn't know!

Then another author, Vickie Mcdonough emailed me this.

The 17th Annual Heartsong Awards were listed on The Edit Cafe. I did not even know there was such a thing. I have been voted as one of the favorite new authors! I am stunned. I can't find a reason why, other than perhaps God is telling me, see you do have a gift, told you so. He has a sense of humor you know.

So  lovely Heartsong Readers, I accept your award humbly and with the acknowledgment that without my critique partners,Julie Lessman, Jen Tizai, and Jennifer Cary,  an amazing agent, and editors and the Heartsong team there wouldn't be a book for anyone to read. And above all thank you God.


  1. Well you deserve it! It's been a long road for you and this book is awesome!

  2. So glad you mentioned who helped make the book fabulous--Oh! you thought I was talking about us? Make that a capital Who and then it makes better sense;-)
    Love you, you deserve it and I'm very proud to call you my friend.

  3. Thanks, Jen and Jenny. And yes God is the one I want to thank. :)

  4. This is SO well deserved, my friend, and I can't wait to see where God takes you next!


  5. Ah, Julie you've set the bar high to follow though. ;)