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Back to School

It's that time of year when all the kids go back to the classroom. Not mine--they are out of school. Still I've come to find that this time of year has become my time to rethink my goals and straighten out a few things around the house. Wendell (above) disagrees as he has come to think of the box as his place.
This is my little reading area in the office...or rather it's usually where Wendell lounges and looks at me with a questioning glance when I talk to myself, not too messy but lots of cat hair, oh wait, there's the corner of my desk, yep--messy.
And here's the the desk, let's see what's here. Break into Fiction on top of a completed but needing revision manuscript, packing tape, nail clippers, a plug for my iphone, a gluten free grocery guide, my iphone, daytimer, coupons, nail clipper, index cards, notebooks, pens, camera, and that's just one corner. I need help. Too bad the cat in the box is now taking a nap.
Ha. I did it without him. Look all clean! I feel so good about working again. I know it won't last, it should but I know me. Too much surface allows me to toss and drop what I'm holding. At least this time there aren't any diet Dr. Pepper bottles.
I'm so loving the lack of cat hair! That won't last either! That's okay, I have an entire year until I have to do this again.
It's so clean maybe I'll take the rest of the week off or maybe I should tackle Hubs side of the office!


  1. Very nice. I just did that to my garage! Wonderful feeling. And I'm doing it to myself right now, I suppose. :) Exercise and caloric control. Yay!

  2. Thanks Spencer. I'm trying that on me as well but I have to say cleaning the office gave me faster results. :)

  3. It looks great! I find it so much easier to get stuff done and much less stressful when things are clean and organized.

  4. I need to do that to my desk too. I want to install some shelves over it but I haven't gotten around to that yet.

    I keep telling the kids they need to clean their rooms before school starts Wednesday but they're not as convinced!

  5. Delightful thanks, it will be less stressful.

    Jennifer, school started here last week! The funny thing is the new Better Homes and Garden came yesterday with an article about how to get ready for school. A little late for this area.