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Making Amends

I will admit it. This morning I dined on cotton candy and a diet dr. pepper. Awful I know, but what is a girl to do when hubs reads a text I sent to him last night at the Cardinal game asking him to bring some home for me instead of getting himself something to eat? Well, I wasn't just going to let it sit there on the table! It was an act of necessity. It had to be eaten this morning or gasp! It would have to be thrown away!

So back to making amends. I am trying to eat healthy as well as following a gluten free diet. So right after my tasty treat of boo cotton candy I decided to bestow this lovely treat on hubs tonight for dessert. I've never made a peach/blueberry crisp before and I'm not sure how it's going to taste. My thought is neither of us has anything to compare it to so it should be good. As long as he doesn't figure out right away that it's made with gluten free ingredients.

Since I was in the kitchen I thought I might as well bread some chicken tenders for tomorrow's dinner and then continued on with making a mess by making my own mozzerella sticks. Something I don't eat often but have missed ordering. As if that wasn't enough to destroy the kitchen I read on celiacmaniac how good whipped coconut milk is on fruit. So I whipped up some to put on our peach/bluebery crisp tonight.

I don't know if I've made up for eating the yummy cotton candy or for asking for it, but it was worth a try.

Now, I have to clean the kitchen. It's scary in there!


  1. I bet it will be very good, I think I would have left the cotton candy and eat some of the pie


  2. mmmmm, can I have some?

  3. Edna, this way I got both!

  4. Spencer,
    I wish I could bring you some it was sooooo goooood!

  5. Is there any left? It looks so yummy!