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Camp Pioneer--post two

Can you tell by my expression that I'm not sure what camp is going to be like for me? This is our first night and I was ready to bolt, run to the truck and take off back home!

I'm glad I didn't. After breakfast every morning we sang praise songs, Pastor Vern and Marty played guitars the first day, later they were joined by their daughter Kristen on drums, Gurdy on a beatbox and Richter and Danny on more guitars.

These are the preschoolers, look at those faces! We had so much fun learning about putting on the armor of God!

Kidz Corner all cleaned and organized. Mandy helped Marty and I get it back into a safe place to play for the kids above and those who come after them the rest of the summer. Like my shirt? It's my favorite. I use it for all things messy! I like having that YardLines logo, kind of like having Ed with me all the time.

Our worship leader, Pastor Gary used these videos from one time blind for discussion.

They are still making me think about how I'm living my life.

If you have time hop over to Crystal Laine Miller's site and read about me when I was a kid. And there's a book give away too, so leave a comment and an email on her blog!

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