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Camp Pioneer--post three

Lots of projects were completed at camp. The gliders were a memorial gift to the camp. They weren't a kit! Several adults and lots of teenagers helped build these gliders, chairs to match and planter boxes from pieces of wood. I'm sure there is a technical name for that wood--like 2x4's or something. There was another group that built nice wood platforms to set them on. And the placement in front of Lake Erie is perfect. I'll show you that in another blog post. I have amazing sunset photos to share.
This is the huge project Marty, Mandy and I worked for hours reorganizing. This craft shed hadn't been cleaned out since 1998. Now if you have your own craft room you can probably come close to knowing what this looked like before, but before you picture it imagine 20 camp counselors every year coming in and digging through boxes and not putting things back. Wait, there's more! Now imagine a mouse community--population size unknown making homes within those boxes. Okay now I can see you backing away from the monitor. You have the picture! I had the photo but because my memory card was full I had to delete a lot of them. We had about 5 wheelbarrows full of trash to cart off as well. Looks good doesn't it. The cabinets in the back weren't there when we arrived. Another group of helpers (thanks, Dave, Dave, and Ed) that found them and brought them in for us to use, they even made a counter top.
Yet another project was to paint Leah's house. That's my friend Lauriann on the ladder she paints every year, behind her is Laura, she paints too. Self prounoucned project manager Gary has climbed that ladder yet. The house looked much better after scraping and painting. New trim was made and installed too.
This firepit was in another place. They moved it further away from the edge of the cliff. Lots of sand in wheelbarrows. That's Ed in the left corner and Dave with the rake.

Some of the other projects were painting and repairing a back stop. I helped with the paint and had sparkly arms for a week. I didn't mind, I like sparkles!
Another fence was installed in front of the camp, a basketball hoop, tether ball pole and flag pole were concreted in place. A bathroom was remodeled, cottages were stocked with dishes by Darla and Gwen, steps were built and I'm sure a lot of other things I didn't see were done.

I know a huge military tent was set up for the campers coming after us. Kids with a deployed parent get the chance to come to camp and during their stay spend some time in a barracks tent much like the one their parent's are staying.

more later, sunsets and a very big waterfall!


  1. you all had your work cut out for you and may God bless for doing it.


  2. Anonymous6:25 PM

    Those gliders look wonderful and the craft shed looks very organized now.

  3. Delightful, we could have used your help with that craft shed! :)