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Camp Pioneer--post one

I spent last week at Camp Pioneer in Angola, New York. My church goes there every summer for a servant event. They do odd jobs and big jobs to get the camp ready for summer campers. This was my first trip there. I wasn't sure what to expect. I had heard about refurbished cabins, cottages being built and beautiful sunsets. No one told me about the daisies. They are my favorite flower and they were everywhere.

I arrived at camp sick. Not fair! I had a terrible cold most of the week making it difficult to have a good time. Ed, had lot of fun though. Since he can eat regular food he was able to go to the dining hall for his meals. He said there was a lot of singing before and after each meal. I like to sing. While he was doing that I was in my room with my gluten-free meal and a book. Since I felt awful that was a nice break.

The first day I and my friend, Marty worked with the preschoolers. I love working with kids that age. When I started my 'career' I intended to get a degree in early childhood, the college I was at didn't have that program so I switched to a degree in learning disabilities/behavior disorders and minored in psychology. I clearly strayed from my path. Working with the little ones gave me such joy (even while feeling terrible!) Later that afternoon we tackled kids corner. What a mess! It hadn't been used since last summer and a lot of inappropriate things had found there way inside, like an electric shaver! That could have been fun for some budding barber!

more to come.....


  1. Anonymous6:22 PM

    I love that second daisy shot, very artsy.

  2. Thanks, I like that one too.