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Camp Pioneer--post four

Here we are Niagara Falls-the American side. I am terrified. I just want to get off those slippery steps and away from what I consider a huge risk! I mean look at that water and what's keeping it in place? A bunch of rocks! Sure it's been fine for hundreds of years, but what if this is the day the rocks start to slide? My friend, Marty calls this the honeymoon shot.

Isn't it amazing the way the water just seems to float in the sky? I was impressed.


  1. Great pictures! We will have to go there someday.

  2. You'll love it. Next time we want to take the ship that goes under the waterfall.

  3. The pistures are beautiful, I have a lot of them that we took when we went there a good many years ago, they are alsome, don't know if you can still do it or not, but we went down in an elventory into a sound proof, (or was supposed to be) tunnel but you could still hear the falls, we were under them and came out on a ledge that they fell over, it was so cool.


  4. I don't know if you can do that now or not. That would be awesome yet kind of scary, Edna!