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Creative Space Thursday

I'm thrilled! I actually completed a sewing project. These are the pillows--now covered that Sara requested. Last week I had a photo of the fabric up for Creative Space, not sure if I would find the time to make them.

I forget that there are projects that can be made quickly this is one of them. Now I'm thinking about recovering a few of my own pillows...thinking because I have so much stuff in my sewing room that needs to be done. Anyone else like that? If I don't get the t-shirts and skirts made I won't get to wear them this year.

As always please check out Kootoyoo for more fun creative spaces this week.


  1. I'm with you... Last summer Hancock Fabrics went out of business and I got some really good deals on fabric and patterns. It's all waiting for me to have time to make something.

  2. oooh, that is sad, no more Hancocks! I'm fortunate to have 3 good stores close by or maybe it's not so fortunate since that's where fortune is spent. :)

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