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Lee Jeans Rock

I am so excited. Last October I found the best jeans for me, Lee Jeans with this secret tummy control. They work or at least give me the feeling that I am smaller than I am.

But, then the pocket tore. Please keep in mind I do not put things in my back pocket. I have no need of any extra poundage back there! So with great regret I folded them and put them on my shelf, every once in awhile I'd pull them out and think, maybe there is a way they could be fixed. Then sadly, I'd shake my head knowing I'd never fix them, refold them and stick them back on the shelf.

I emailed the Lee Jean company and explained how sad I was about the demise of my barely worn jeans, I no longer had the receipt and didn't' think the store I purchased them from would take them back. NOW THIS IS WHERE LEE JEANS REALLY ROCK! They emailed me back and explained how to return them to the store! I printed a copy of their email and hit the highway. I had no problem getting them exchanged once they saw the correspondence from LEE! So there you have it, once again I have a great pair of jeans and my illusion of being 2 sizes smaller is once again real.


  1. I tried to post something and it didn't work. What am I doing wrong here.

    Anyway, I love this story and think it may be a good idea for an actual short story. You could sell it to the Lee Jeans internal newsletter. :)

  2. Yay! That is sooooo cool! And that's part of why I love e-mail so much. If I had to actually write a letter and mail it, I probably wouldn't do it. With websites, it's easy to find the company contact info. And I've found, most of them are willing to help if you get a bad product that is normally really good.