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Is it? I'm so very confused. When I went outside yesterday morning it was in the 60's by the evening it was so cold I had to wear a coat! Ah, Midwest living, there is nothing like it.

Have you all started the decoration of your homes yet? I have put out two things, my favorite snowman quilt, and my snowflake rug. Maybe this week I'll get the tree set up or not. :) We have a cat that likes to climb and take things from the tree, so delaying is more for my sanity.

The other thing that must be done is CLEANING. The last few years I've approached this icky job in a different way. I focus on the coming of Christ, now I know HE won't care what my house looks like, but I would! I wouldn't want guests to celebrate my childrens birthdays in a dirty house. I don't want to have them celebrate Christ's birthday in a messy one either!

The cleaning shouldn't be too hard, now that all my children live somewhere else--except for the youngest and he won't be home until the middle of Dec. so he shouldn't make to much of a mess before Christmas. Sorry Josh. :)

That leaves baking. How do you handle baking all those wonderful delights if you and your husband are the only ones in the house most of Dec. I'm thinking of baking and freezing. The problem is neither of us mind eating frozen cookies. Such a dilemma.


  1. Frozen cookies? Laughing at that. I don't know that I've ever tried them. I haven't baked in awhile since Christmas is usually so crazy with singing at church and everything. And though this year we're singing this weekend, I'm now working, so I don't know what we're going to do. I think a friend and I are going to try and at least have the kids get together to decorate cookies. That may be the extent of it. And special Dutch donuts for Christmas morning.

  2. Anonymous11:25 PM

    Our weather has been unseasonably warm, too!!! In fact, I haven't moved the summer clothes out of my closet yet. ... The only Christmas decorations up at our house are the ones I accidentally forgot to pack away last year...and one new Santa I bought at our Church's Harvest Festival. ... Cleaning....hmmmmmm....I did a bit of that today. Actually, I did organizing instead of cleaning, but you can once again tell we have a dining room table!!!! ... I will vouch for your conclusion that cookies are just fine when frozen. In fact, I think a lot of them taste better when they're frozen!!!
    season's blessings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!