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Christmas Delight

How fun is this? SNOW before CHRISTMAS! I love snow this time of year, it really gets me into the season.

After sending off a requested manuscript I decided to take the rest of the month off, sort of a mini-vacation at home.
One of the joys of not working is this guy. Home for the holidays! He's my Christmas kid, always humming or singing, decorating, he makes my Christmas special. Welcome home J.

So what have I been doing on my mini-vacation? Fun things! I made this digital ornament, not the best, but it's a new skill.

I've also been sewing, learning to use my new machine. There is a lot to learn. I may need to take an extra week or two to figure it out.

Soon though I will be missing writing so much I'll have to return to work on my newest story. Even now the character Amy Grace keeps poking my brain as if I should get busy and write her story.

Christmas is almost here and even though the season excites me--I love the lights, the best part of the season is knowing a child was born to save ME! AND YOU! Happy Birthday Jesus and thank you for your most amazing gift!

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  1. It's good to know that J has arrived home safely for the holidays. I hope this is a wonderful Christmas for you and yours...filled with joy and laughter...surrounded by those you love...and drenched in God's blessings.