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DianaLand has been quiet these past few weeks and that's a good thing. I needed a rest. Or at least my body said it's time to take a long hiatus. I've read books, made a few t-shirts and scrapbooked a few pages. Now I feel better. I'm not quite back to ME yet, the person who can write a thousand words in a few hours, plan for dinner, contact my friends and do the laundry seemingly at the same time. I'm not sure I want to be that person anymore.


Because I realize (and this is not the first time, I'm a slow learner) that every moment I'm here is a time that God gave me to use to His glory and in his way. Maybe I don't need to do double and triple duty with every minute have. Maybe it is okay to enjoy the task at hand. Just because I can do more than one thing at a time doesn't mean I should.

So for the rest of this month anyway I'm going to give my full attention to the task of the day. That means this month a class by Margie Lawson, Empowering Characters' Emotions. Yes, I'm going back to school even if it is in my own office. I'm excited about this class. As I look through the material I am encouraged. This is a graduate level course and something I've been looking for to improve my writing. If you are a writer I encourage you to take a look at her courses www.margielawson.com Thank you Jenny Cary, my writer friend for telling me about Margie's classes!
Here are a few photos of what else I've done this month to relax and to check off of my 50 things to do before my 51rst birthday.

The Balloon Glow at Forest Park.

Abe Lincoln's home in Springfield.
We took a Saturday trip. The first in a very long time.

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