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Saying Goodbye

Cathye Moon

Since the beginning of August our home has been filled with the loss of family. My sweet mother-in-law lost the battle with cancer just as her son, my first husband did. The same weekend my father-in-law, my husband's father.
Both were in their eighties and vibrant personalities. Claire volunteered in so many places, at the local nursing home, the hospital as a pastoral counselor, and other places.
Despite being severely debilitated from an elevator accident only meant Oscar would try harder at living his life. He was still making breakfast for the local firemen, active with the senior center and a fantastic story teller.
There is much to say about these two people I loved but the pain is still to much. I just wanted to honor their life and the blessing they brought to my family.

A good friend sent me a copy of the photo she snapped. She calls it Under His Sheltering Wing. She reminded me that I and those I love are indeed under God's wing. Thank you Cathye it made me feel much better.


  1. They sound like people with some amazing stories. Thank you for sharing a little bit of them with us.

    Sometimes I think the worst thing about life after the Fall is the temporary separation we have to endure from our loved ones.

    Hugs to you, Diana.

  2. Jen,
    Thank you so much. I know you've been praying for us and it helps so much!