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Dry Rot

I can't help but find a relationship to my age and my swimming suit. This year we ditched out pool since very little swimming was occurring and the cost was soaring out of reach every year. So I haven't had my swimsuit on all year--Until today. DH mentioned going to the lake and renting a boat, sigh. That should be fun except I'd have to wear my swimsuit and I haven't exactly been working out to look great in one. This morning I pulled out the old favorite that manages to squish me into a reasonable form rather than a ball. As I grasped the wonder fabric between my fingers and started pulling it over my thighs I heard something. Could that have been threads snapping? elastic popping? I kept going and when I looked in the mirror it was obvious. Dry rot had invade my swimsuit. There were holes and runs and it no longer shaped my body in a nice way. Old reliable has to go...much like my old reliable self. See I did make it relate!

So I'm off to find a new suit if that is possible on Aug. 1. As for the new me? I'm still not sure. I'm thinking hard about who I want to be the next ten years. A writer yes, a wife yes, a child of God YES! I know I don't want to tame lions, I've given up learning French and I discovered this summer I am not a gardener.

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