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How do you deal with overwhelming times in your life? I'm thankful I have God to fall back on and most of the time just knowing He is there will pull me through. Sometimes though I can't get a sense of Him being with me during those times I load up on music. Right now I need extra time with God so I've been hanging on to the words and music of Nicole C. Mullins –Fall, Superchick Beauty from the Pain and Stories Down to the Bottom, David Crowder Band (almost all of his songs!) are a few that pull me up from the bottom of the blues.

A few weeks ago I was really into Michael Schroeder, Send the Storm on his Fuel for the Soul cd. I was singing along with that song begging for God to send the Storm. Well God sent that storm and now I'm falling back into Him more and more each day. I'm sad that my storm included the loss of two dear people I loved but I'm not sad because falling back into God's waiting arms brings such comfort. But next time I feel I'm moving to far from God I think I'll ask for a few bumps in the road to send me back instead of a storm.

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