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Lay Away

I was at Wal Mart and for some reason the clerk and I started talking about changes in retail. She told me lay away was no longer available at their store. Now I haven't used lay away ever so not having it around doesn't prevent a problem for me but...it does bother me that yet another thing from my youth has gone away.

The dreaded words in my home growing up were, "We'll put it on lay away and get it before...what ever event.." I hated waiting for the date when we could get something out of lay away from P.N. Hirsch. I supposed with credit cards we can have what we want and pay for it later instead of paying and waiting. It's twisted and I'm not sure it's a good thing. I know I hated waiting but it did force me to really chose what I would wait for and know it's so easy to just charge and take home my items. Many times I find it's not something I really needed or wanted.

Maybe immediate gratification is not such a good idea, at least for me.

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