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Follow the Ant

Okay, that is Solomon's advice. Follow that ant, see how he sticks to his purpose and gets the job done. Solomon has proved to be wise if not cryptic at times to me in his writings. I had heard this same advice at a women of faith conference last month. So I thought I should check it out after all I'm on a search for my own mission in life.

I located an ant and this is my take away from observing the ant. The one I watched went down the sidewalk, made several adjustments to his course, then about faced and came back the same way and went to the patio. From there he climbed the brick wall in a crazy pattern and eventually I lost him in the grass.
So what I learned from my ant watching is the path is never exactly straight to the goal and it can take a very long time to get there. Somehow that made me feel better. I published 3 books in 2000-2001 and then I veered off my path somewhere. Life took me to cherishing those last few years of having my boys at home, a new job direction, rehabbing a house (for college tuition) and now here I am back at the turn around. I can't imagine I'll fly from here to my goal of another published book but it is a good feeling to realize the ant programed by God reaches his goal and if I can stay on my path I will too.

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